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  Clean and Green

The Clean and Green Maintenance Program is designed to ensure the community remains attractive and well landscaped and that the streets and highways are maintained. 
To coordinate efforts and identify needs, the Field Services Department utilizes a field inspection program to systematically monitor the physical condition of the District, report problems to appropriate agencies and follow up to rectify the issues.
The District’s maintenance program has many facets, and when such a program is done correctly, much of its work is unseen. Litter and graffiti abatement are examples of these “unseen” projects. The Field Services Department also takes care of tree and plant watering, freeway mowing and maintenance of the District’s parks and trails system. With this level of service, it’s clear why the department is allocated about one-fourth of the District’s overall program budget.
The department also works to promote enforcement of city, county and other applicable standards to ensure property owners are responsible and keep their property in a manner that enhances the community.

For more information on this department, please contact Bart Baker or visit our staff directory.

City’s 3-1-1 Program
Allows You To Be A Part of
The Solution

The best way for the community to address specific maintenance issues within the City of Houston is to dial

Additionally, this online form is provided as an efficient way to report items such as potholes, bandit signs, illegal dumping, bulk trash, fallen street signs or stop light signals, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, knocked-down fire hydrants, fallen tree limbs that are blocking traffic and other similar issues.


Sally Bradford
Executive Director
16800 Greenspoint Park Drive
Suite 160 South
Houston, TX 77060
Phone: 281-877-9952
Fax: 281-876-4688

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