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  Greenspoint Community Partners

Greenspoint Community Partners is a non-profit organization established to provide financial support for resources and programs that benefit the area’s residents and employees.

The organization seeks to expand the services initiated by the Greenspoint District while providing innovative solutions for local community challenges. By gaining support from the corporate community, GCP can bring parks, trails and recreational amenities not otherwise available, while making the area an attractive and safe place to work and live.
With community input, GCP is targeting three main areas:

Encouraging fitness and recreational choices through the expansion of Greenspoint's parks and trail program, supporting the preservation of flood-prone green spaces along Greens Bayou and expanding existing programs available to the community's families and employees.

Reducing crime through continued support of the Greenspoint Public Safety Center, including continuation and expansion of innovative crime prevention initiatives and strengthening the partnership between the community and law enforcement through education and awareness programs.

Promoting community pride and ownership through beautification initiatives that discourage litter, graffiti and crime, while encouraging public art and community involvement.



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