Exciting Developments Planned For Greenspoint’s Parks

The three-and-a-half mile Greenspoint STEP trail will soon be under construction. This trail is being constructed to eventually intersect with the already existing trails throughout the District. The Texas Department of Transportation has awarded the contract for construction and the project is slated to be complete as early as the end of this year. The trail is funded by STEP, the Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program.

Tied to the development of the STEP trail is Jack Drake Park (park name updated June 3, 2014), located on Bradfield Street west of W. Hardy Street. This new park will feature the STEP trail running through its heart.

Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition (GBCC) is constructing Jack Drake Park. The park is scheduled to start construction after the STEP trail is completed and is expected to be finished in 2015. It will be the trailhead for the Greenspoint STEP trail and will feature native species and habitat restoration. A decomposed granite loop will allow patrons to observe wildlife and will complement the concrete STEP trail being installed in the park.

Eventually, Jack Drake Park will be connected via already completed trails and those currently in development to Wussow Park, City View Park, Ida Gaye Gardens and the Spring Recreational Area.

Additional features and improvements are in the planning stages for Wussow and Jack Drake Parks. Check back on our blog for further details on all of the District’s park developments.

Officers Work to Protect Our Parks

Walking around one of the Greenspoint District’s many parks or strolling down the connecting trails, you might have come in contact with an officer on a bicycle or a security guard accompanied by a canine. These officers are employed by the District and work tirelessly to ensure safety and peace of mind for everyone enjoying the area amenities.

Our bike patrol officers split their time between patrolling for the District and working as Harris County Sheriffs. The bicycle patrol officers are charged with providing a high visibility patrol through our parks and trails system, commercial retail, restaurants and multi-family properties. At the request of local property owners, these officers also might perform burglary of motor vehicle report card inspections to help educate vehicle owners on how they can protect their vehicle and belongings from theft.

Private security officers from S.E.A.L. Security Solutions also help patrol and secure the District’s Parks. S.E.A.L. was commissioned by the District in February to perform high visibility patrol, either on foot or in a marked vehicle. These officers are all accompanied by a canine to help them patrol. They also visit local businesses to develop relationships with residents, employees and business owners, all while helping to suppress criminal activity.

While our officers do their best to ensure the safety of everyone working or living in the District, there are simple steps that you can take to better protect yourself:

  • Walk places with friends, rather than alone
  • Stay on a well-traveled street or trail and avoid short cuts
  • If you think you’re being followed, switch directions or cross the street. If they’re still there, move quickly to a store, restaurant or busy area and ask for help.
  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid areas with limited visibility or poor lighting
  • Wear shoes that will allow you to walk quickly, in the event of any emergency

Following these simple steps will ensure that you can enjoy a worry-free experience no matter where you travel, in the District or out; however, the bike patrol and security officers are available should you ever need them. The next time you are out and about in the District and you come across one of the officers, stop and say hello. They are here to help.

Greenspoint Club Staff By Day, Championship Wrestlers By Night

Erik and Andrew Bierbrauer are known as quiet, helpful athletic staff at the Greenspoint Club during the day, but their demeanor changes at night when they take to the ring as professional wrestlers.

The brothers’ paths to becoming championship wrestlers started while growing up in New Richmond, Wis. Their dad, Bryan, was a passionate fan of professional wrestling, and he passed that passion onto his four sons.

“We always knew we would go into wrestling,” Erik said.

The brothers wrestled throughout their time in public school for the New Richmond Tigers’ Amateur Wrestling team, where Andrew earned a 90 percent winning record during his final year.

Erik had 27 pinfalls as part of the varsity team and was instrumental in leading the team to its first Regional Team Championship in two decades. He also was a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Division I sectional qualifier his junior year.

Although they achieved success in the amateur wrestling arena, the brothers gave up their eligibility to compete in the ring and participate in the professional style of wrestling they had been passionate about since childhood.

“We got into amateur wrestling because that was all we had available to us at the time, but our interest was always professional wrestling. It was easy to walk away from the amateur style,” Erik said.

They have trained in both the American wrestling style and the “lucha libre” style since October 2006. They explained that the American style is more hand-to-hand combat and more a storytelling style, while the “lucha libre” style is flashier with more high-flying stunts and tumbling.

They received their most notable training in their hometown at the “Gagne Wrestling Academy” operated by former American Wrestler Association wrestler Greg Gagne. The brothers graduated from the academy in spring 2008.

Erik and Andrew Lockhart, as they are known in their professional careers, entered the professional world of wrestling on May 19, 2007. After competing for more than six years, Erik has gained more than 1,100 matches of experience, and Andrew is not far behind, having no less than 700 matches under his belt.

In November 2012, the brothers were both scouted to come to Houston by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star, Booker T.

Erik and Andrew moved to Stafford to being training at Booker T’s school. The manager at the school helped the brothers get jobs at the Greenspoint Club.

After living in the area for six months, Erik and Andrew were given clearance to continue working for Booker T. They made the move to the Greenspoint area and now spend their days as athletic staff at the Greenspoint Club while training at night and competing on the weekends.

The brothers currently compete as a tag team for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling (ROW). They bring a signature blend of ground-based and high-flying wrestling style to the ring that is a callback to the style of wrestling mainly seen in the 1970s and 1980s. They explained that is is snugger, more technical and considerably less flashy than the style of wrestling currently seen on television.

“Our style is directly attributed to our training. How they were trained in the 1960s and 1970s, that’s how we wrestle,” Erik said.

The brothers remain dedicated to their day jobs at the Greenspoint Club and count the contacts they have made with the people coming through the Club as the best part about being in Greenspoint.

“The people we’ve met are far and away the best part of being in Greenspoint,” Erik said. “We have gained a ton of great contacts, and they are all genuine, good-hearted people.”

The brothers continue to gain national television exposure through ROW. The next step in furthering their careers is to participate in the WWE’s development program NXT before moving on to the WWE.

At the Feb. 15 taping for ROW’s national television show, which aris on the Soul of the South network, Erik and Andrew won the ROW Tag Team Championship in that night’s main event match.

The brothers continue to successfully defend their title. As of publication, their next match is scheduled for Jun. 14 at the Clear Lake Sports & Recreation Center at 7:30 p.m.