Greenspoint District President Retires after 15 Years of Service

March 9, 2015

The Greenspoint District Board of Directors announces the retirement of President Jerry Lowry and appointment of Bart Baker as interim president, both effective March 31, 2015.

Lowry joined the District in 2000 as director of Public Safety. He went on to serve as executive vice president and chief operating officer prior to accepting appointment as president in 2013. Lowry’s leadership and forward thinking led to many achievements for the District during his 15-year tenure.

Lowry was instrumental in creating a comprehensive strategic plan to guide the District through 2030. He established the Greenspoint Community Partners nonprofit foundation to gain support for expanding public safety, beautification and recreational development programs, and was a staunch advocate for creating an economic development department that has resulted in millions of dollars of investment in the District.

Chair of the Greenspoint District Board of Directors, Michelle Wogan of Transwestern stated that, “Jerry took over leadership during a pivotal time for the District. We appreciate the hard work and tenacity he applied to keep it moving forward and thriving.”

“I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me and the District’s contribution to my life experiences. I look forward to the next chapter and fulfilling a long-term goal of expanding my ministry work in South Montgomery County,” added Lowry.

Bart Baker currently serves as vice president of Planning, Operations and Infrastructure for the Greenspoint District. He will act as interim president while a search for a new president is conducted by Jack Drake LLC.

Northpark Apartments Earn Blue Star Designation from the Houston Police Department

The Houston Police Department’s (HPD) Blue Star Program is an innovative crime prevention program designed to help reduce the opportunity for crime to occur to raise awareness of public safety issues in multi-family communities among apartment managers, owners and residents. The program seeks to promote a safer and cleaner community with a higher quality of life for residents.

Northpark Apartments, located at 90 Northpoint Drive in the Greenspoint District, is the area’s first Blue Star designated apartment community. Communities only receive a Blue Star designation after completing three phases of the program as implemented by HPD’s Apartment Enforcement Unit and meeting the minimum standards required for certification.

The management team at Northpark Apartments met the Phase One requirements by completing eight hours of training for property owners, managers, leasing staff and other management personnel. Phase Two included a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) inspection and follow up to ensure issues identified in the inspection were remedied. Finally, the complex hosted a “Safety Social” event as Phase Three to increase awareness and educate residents on safety best practices.

The Greenspoint District provides Blue Star communities with several incentives, including a custom-designed sign recognizing the complex for outstanding crime prevention concepts, in addition to HPD’s two Blue Star signs. The District also pays the RCR subscription costs for these communities. RCR is a program which allows apartment managers to run credit and background checks on potential tenants in order to screen for possible red flags before allowing them to rent a unit on their property. Lastly, all Blue Star certified communities located in the District are featured on the District’s website so that potential tenants can better find those properties when looking for a place to call home.

Northpark Apartments received the new Greenspoint District Blue Star Certification recognition sign at the District’s Apartment Summit on Jan. 28. Stay tuned to the District’s newsletter and Facebook for updates when the sign in installed.

For more information on the Blue Star Program, the HPD’s Apartment Enforcement Unit can be reached at 713-309-3911 or by visiting their website.

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