District Welcomes Officer Pereira to Park Patrol

The next time you visit Wussow Park, stop by and say hello to Officer Roy Pereira. He is a member of the Spartan Security Services team and North Houston District’s park patrol officer.

Originally from Murtosa, Portugal, Pereira served in the United States Army, specializing in explosive detonation, heavy demolition and weapons, which sharpened his precision and required quick-thinking and calmness in high-stress situations.

His career began at the Olympia Trails Bus Company in New Jersey. Under his leadership, the company transformed into one of the most requested charter bus companies in New Jersey and was known for its stellar customer service.

His commitment to providing excellent service extended to his time in retail. Starting as a sales associate at Home Depot, he was quickly promoted to department head and then to the safety and loss prevention team. Now Pereira brings his passion for others and boots-on-the-ground experience to the North Houston District.

“Pereira’s diverse career experiences will be a huge asset as he interacts with our park patrons,” said District Public Safety Director Tracy Harrison.

Welcome, Officer Pereira!